What To Expect

We know that visiting any doctor can make you nervous.
We will take the anxiety out of your visit, make you comfortable
and answer all of your questions — without pressure.


Your Hearing History

As a new patient, we will have you fill out a detailed history concerning general medical information and possible hearing problems. In the medical history, questions concerning vision problems, current and ongoing medical conditions, and medication history will be asked. This is not unusual, as we need a complete understanding of your overall health and how it may be impacting your ability to hear better. We will ask you to tell us about any past hearing loss, family history of hearing loss, the presence of dizziness and/or vertigo, as well as questions concerning ear noises (tinnitus). Also, we will want to know about your occupational, recreational, or military noise exposure.

You will also complete a brief survey which will ask about specific situations in which your hearing might be causing difficulties. Filling out this form usually takes 5-10 minutes and patients are scheduled with adequate time to complete the questionnaire.

Your Exam

We will perform a comprehensive audiological exam which will include testing your ability to hear tones in the pitch range necessary for understanding people’s voices. In addition, you’ll be tested using words to determine how a hearing loss might be affecting your ability to understand voices and participate in conversations. This hearing testing is completed in a sound isolated room.

Additional testing may be required if there is evidence that the hearing loss is due to a medical condition or could potentially be medically corrected.

Many of our Cincinnati patients are senior citizens. You will never feel rushed. We always allow plenty of time to complete the testing at your own pace.

Your first visit will usually lasts one hour or slightly longer. Your test results along with a report will be forward to your primary care physician,  unless you request otherwise.

Patient And Family Counseling

When we talk with you, and your family or caregivers (with your permission), we will give you all of the details about your test findings. If, and only if, you have hearing loss, we will talk with you about both the type and severity of loss. The impact on communication will also be included in this conversation.


We partner with your medical team

for the best possible care.

Referrals To Other Doctors Or Specialists

If a referral to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) medical specialist is necessary, we will also talk with you about this during your initial consultation.

Hearing Aid And Assistive Device Recommendations

If appropriate, the benefit of hearing aids and other assistive listening devices will be brought up. There will be an open discussion concerning different styles and technology of hearing aids available based on the patient’s communication needs. Helpful communication strategies to help compensate for any difficulty the patient may be facing will be also be discussed.

Widex Hearing Aids Crop

Hearing Aid Selection, Ordering And Fitting

If you decide to pursue hearing aids, we will carefully help you select the best choice for your individual hearing loss. We will order the hearing aids that you choose and a follow-up appointment for your hearing aid fitting will be set-up for about two-weeks after the order is placed.

During your follow-up visit at our Cincinnati audiology office, which usually lasts an hour, the aid will be fit and you and/or your family members will be educated on the function and use of the hearing aids.

You can also expect that regular follow-up visits will be scheduled. This helps ensure that you are receiving the maximum possible benefit from the instruments and that they are working properly.

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